What am I reading now?

Well, my newest obsession in fiction is Migrations: A Novel by Charlotte McConaghy. I found this book to be an inspiration while I edited my new novel. These were the pages I turned to as I navigated plot revisions for a different kind of eco-terrorism and an emotional nor’easter in my new novel, Flight Patterns, that I cannot wait to share with you!

Like Charlotte McConaghy, I worked hard to keep Flight Patterns fast-paced, my goal, as it was in my first book, What Burns Away, was to explore of the lifelong repercussions of decisions made under distress, this around time making an environmental drama, layered with rich emotional crisis that asks what happens when you lose the people and things you love most—your spouse, your mother, your son, your job— and you are left alone to navigate unpredictable and unknown waters? What keeps you going; who keeps you afloat? Definitely a story for these unprecedented times, and a book that I believe can offer hope and a sense of rescue to all us.


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